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Kapcite About Kapcite Illustration

About Kapcite

Kapcite, the Khatib & Alami platform for smart solutions, presents a wide array of specialized applications for the business community.

With more than three decades of experience in custom-designed Geographic Information Solutions, Kapcite delivers expertise that enlightens and leads the way to success.

Kapcite is a pioneer of efficient technology with three decades of experience, tapping into the potential and effectiveness of Geographic Information Systems across governments, businesses, clients and users.

K&A Three Decades in GIS

Our Story

The Kapcite brand of geospatial solutions is brought to you by Khatib & Alami, a pioneer in the region when it comes to custom-designed GIS solutions.

The result of thousands of hours of R&D and industry-specific applications, every Kapcite application performs specialized functions to support business needs. To choose a Kapcite application is to work with solutions that enlighten and lead the way to success.

Our Promise

Kapcite is focused on delivering in-depth and customized geospatial solutions that help entities realise the full potential of every project.

We aim to provide crystal-clear applications that are simple to use, easy to integrate and relevant to the specific establishment.

From effective planning right up to efficient utilization of resources, Kapcite applications are designed to ensure maximum productivity.

Our Values


We add value to our clients’ projects through solutions that bring clarity and structure to complex data.


Our commitment to innovation drives us to always be a step ahead and deliver the most advanced solutions that are inspired by a vision focused on the future.


We aim to empower businesses with our applications that provide detailed data analysis, location-based services and efficient decision-making tools.