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How Indoor Location is Shaping Modern Facility Management

Published Oct 30, 2019 – By Mohammad Hammoud

Until relatively recently, facility management was generally regarded as a discipline that was focused only on the effective delivery of support services within organizations.

Due to the evolution of modern technology, however, traditional facility management is now able to focus on two main pillars: Efficient Resource Planning and Optimizing of Processes. Disrupting technologies such as indoor positioning and navigation are improving modern facility management by coordinating the physical workplace with people, work, and the organization.

Why Companies should Invest in Indoor Location Systems

More and more, modern facility management companies are investing in indoor navigation and tracking systems to:

Indoor Location Systems Enrich Communication & Collaboration

Whether the facility is a large office space, an airport, a big medical facility, or a fully-fledged higher education institution, indoor positioning and navigation technology can contribute to effective facility management, ensuring smooth collaboration between various stakeholders.

By using such technology within any facility management solution, collaboration will result in seamless communication between members of the organization, regardless of the size of the facility. Such effective communication and collaboration will lead to better productivity and support long-term success.

Kapcite Indoor Location helps Collaboration and Communication

Location Systems Applications & Software

In addition, mobile applications, sensors, Application Program Interfaces (APIs), Software Development Kits (SDKs), and system integrations are making the operation of buildings easier and more effective. Such solutions can also be accessible through a web browser. All information about the building is available on the dashboard, and the facility manager can edit and administer the entire work-space right from his tablet. To know more about such solutions, checkout Kapcite’s Way+ solution.

Way+ Twitter Image

Last but not least, the analysis of occupancy can save costs by discovering unnecessary spaces within large facilities, thereby providing the necessary data for strategic decision-making.

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Mohammad Hammoud

Product and Account Manager

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