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ArcGIS Indoors Enablement Workshop 2019

Published Oct 3, 2019

Key representatives of ESRI global partners were invited to the ESRI ArcGIS Indoor Enablement Workshop, that was held in ESRI Europe Office in Rotterdam Netherlands, on September 2019.

As a leader in Indoors market and GIS software industry, Kapcite’s parent company Khatib & Alami (K&A) represented by Mohammad Hammoud and Tarek Hajar from the Kapcite team, who were invited to participate in this unique Sales and Technical enablement workshop.

More than 3 full days of Go-To-Market and Educational enablement sessions were happening to define and share ESRI’s Go2Market Framework, that will shape the future of indoor location technology.

ArcGIS Workshop Goals

This year, ESRI distributors and partners from different geographies in Europe joined this event, to gain valuable insights on ArcGIS Indoors and foster their knowledge and experience in such technology.

Kapcite Esri ArcGIS Workshop 2019

During the conference, K&A highlighted some of findings and experience in working with ArcGIS Indoors to the teams based on their extensive experience in indoor Wayfinding and location positioning.