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K&A Oman Projects Tracking Dashboard

Published Nov 26, 2019

In alignment with e-Oman strategy and Khatib & Alami (K&A) initiatives toward digital transformation and building smart cities, Oman geography managed by Sr. Director Eng. Ismail Bazyan adopted these values and created in-house online projects monitoring and controls solution.

The idea of implementing this smart solution sparks at K&A Oman office aiming to provide their clients of full transparency on their projects’ indicators. The aim of this solution is to monitor the health of Omani running projects, showing the up-to-date performance indicators, in terms of schedule and cost, in one bird-eye holistic view at design and supervision stages.

Our clients should understand the status of their projects in one click, and take the right decision on the fly.

Ismail Bazyan Photo Eng. Ismail Bazyan

In addition, this solution facilitates coordination internally among K&A team via addressing early challenges, saving engineers time by eliminating paper works and centralizing all information in one information pool.

Information seamlessly flows into the online dashboards hosted at K&A Azure cloud, utilizing ArcGIS Portal. The solution is developed Kapcite’s Projects+, includes three main streams:

  1. Projects Tracking Dashboard showing performance of Oman projects
  2. Monitoring of Non-Conformance Reports and Site Instruction status and type
  3. RFI’s (Request for Information) Recording and Monitoring –will be launched soon

Oman Project Tracking dashboard helped K&A seniors to understand their projects and find instant answers such as: How many projects running in Oman, at which design or supervision stage they are, where are the distribution of these projects and if we are doing enough sales all over the Willayats, how much is the total contracts value, what is the status of invoices, revenues over months (planned invoices vs. issued ones), are we ahead or behind schedules.

Oman Projects Dashboard Screen

Oman projects monitoring and control are extended to include the non-conformance report (NCRs) and site instructions. The passion of Oman geography to go digital provided their engineers with online tablets. Engineers used these devices to record project’s NCR’s and RFI’s (Request for Information) against design ambiguities during construction. The RFI’s monitoring solution is very important to manage the design centers response time, as well as, quality assurance matters. The site engineers take photos of incidents directly from the field, fill in a self-driven online NCRs form, synchronize the NCRs data directly on K&A-cloud, instantly indicators are updated on the Non-Conformance dashboard.

Oman Projects Team

Using NCRs solution to record a non-conformance report takes 1-2 minutes by now instead of half an hour. No need to search, archive, do data entry and link NCRs to their related images once back to the office. In one click, all information and images are attached to the reported NCRs and our client/management have instantly a full transparent view on the project.

Eng. AbdAli Mubarak, Sr. MEP engineer at K&A Oman

Eng. AbdAli – LEAD certified – utilize this smart solution at one of most strategic project in Oman “Expansion of Royal Hospital” encouraging sustainable environment, saving staff time, providing paperless work and preserving costs on the long run.

The NCRs dashboard instantly answers the client and our management on: distribution of the NCRs, how many related to quality/environment, time elapsed to close these NCRs, why delay in closing some of NCRs and their impacts on a project’s milestones. Drilling down to one of the NCR, information is seamlessly displayed with the designated sub-contractor who is responsible to close these NCRs showing its related description and images.

Oman Project Engineers

Encouraging engineers to make use of the technology in their activities drive K&A into the next level of supporting digital ecosystems, building smart cities towards transform the Sultanate of Oman into a sustainable knowledge society.