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K&A Partners with Quuppa to Expand Location Solutions

Published Sep 5, 2019

Kapcite’s parent company, Khatib & Alami (K&A) has agreed a partnership with Quuppa, a global leader in advanced location systems, to further enhance its specialized open software platform, Way+, and support emerging demand for digital solutions in markets such as construction, smart buildings, logistics and healthcare.

Extending Way+ with Quuupa’s Technology

Way+ uses the Internet of Things (IoT) to monitor and analyze the movement of objects or people within a venue or a facility with high footfall. The incorporation of Quuppa’s technology will enable positioning accuracy down to 10cm, while providing real-time location updates even for fast-moving objects in the most challenging environments.

K&A’s partnership with Quuppa will extend the potential of Way+ to a vast number of uses such as inventory management, indoor navigation, contractor management and behavioral analytics. Accordingly, such smart solutions will make use of real time data to increase the facility efficiencies, improve sustainability, and enhance the quality of life factors for people living and working in cities.

Dr Najib Khatib, chairman and CEO of K&A, says:

Our partnership with Quuppa reflects our commitment to be at the forefront of delivering innovation and smart solutions for clients. The construction sector is on the cusp of a digital transformation thanks to the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence and automation, and tools such as Way+ will play a vital role in enabling their adoption.

Indoor Positioning Solutions in the Market

The indoor positioning solutions market is expected to grow from $6.92 billion in 2017 to $23.6 billion by 2023, according research by MarketsandMarkets, offering significant benefits to the retail, manufacturing, healthcare and logistics sectors. Within construction, it has a key role in supporting transformational technologies such as 3D-printing, artificial intelligence, automation and robotics which are driving efficiencies and improving construction site safety.

Khatib & Alami and GIS

Multidisciplinary consultancy K&A is a global leader in providing GeoSpatial solutions, and is the Platinum Partner for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software specialist Esri in the Middle East & Africa. The company’s experts are supporting the development of geo-enabled smart cities across the region.

The Quuppa Intelligent Locating System utilizes a unique combination of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Angle of Arrival (AoA) methodology, as well as advanced location algorithms, to calculate highly accurate, real-time indoor positioning.