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Kapcite Unveils Wayfinding Tech for the Special Olympics 2019

Published Mar 17, 2019

Kapcite, a K&A platform for smart solutions has helped develop GIS-based (Geographic Information System) Wayfinding mobile app to support navigation at the Special Olympics World Games 2019 being held at Abu Dhabi’s Zayed Sports City Stadium.

The app is developed by Kapcite’s Way+ GeoSpatial solution, which comes with great features such as indoor navigation, augmented reality and a chatbot. All of these features have been incorporated into the World Games App.

Visitors can search for or view information about the venue, event timings, and activity schedules using the app, as well as through K&A technology that is being deployed for Wayfinding kiosks.

Through the app’s “Story-Telling feature”, visitors can record trip routes, save memories of the games, and share their experiences with friends through their social media accounts.

Manal Sayed, senior director of K&A’s Geospatial Systems Integration (GSI) team, said the smart tools that have been developed for the Special Olympics World Games 2019 showcase “some of the latest Wayfinding technologies” available in the market.

Commenting on the inclusion of Wayfinding tools at the world games, Dr Najib Khatib, chairman and CEO of K&A, said:

The key to the success of any smart technology is that it should be easily accessible and user-friendly – these are the measures that our experts are applying to ensure that the tools we’re providing add to the experience of everyone at the event, whether they are participants, organisers, or spectators.

The games are bringing together thousands of people from across the world, so it provides an exciting opportunity to draw on the full potential of smart Wayfinding technologies to help people get the most out of their visit, both at the event and elsewhere in Abu Dhabi.

Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019

Earlier this month, the UAE’s Ministry of Climate Change and Environment signed an agreement with the Higher Committee of the Special Olympics to equipoise the carbon footprint at Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019, in line with targets set by UAE’s Supreme Council of Energy in June 2018 to cut 11 million tonnes of local carbon emissions by 2021.