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Lebanon MoPH Creates COVID-19 Public Portal

Published Mar 30, 2020 – By Mohammad Hammoud

Amidst the unmatched chaos kindled by the spread of the novel strain of coronavirus known as Covid-19, the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) in Lebanon decided to use an online portal to track the progress of such a crisis. Coronavirus cases had a significant jump in Lebanon this week, with over 400+ confirmed cases.

How it All Started

The first case in Lebanon was confirmed on the 21st of February 2020; Lebanese women who were aboard a plane coming from Iran. Until today, more than 300 cases have been reported positive, most of which had travel history to countries like Italy and Iran, in addition to cases whom had direct contact with persons who tested positive for Covid-19.

What did the Ministry of Public Health do?

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) in Lebanon, with the support of ESRI Lebanon and the World Health Organization (WHO), has assembled a country wide web portal to monitor the spread of COVID-19. This real-time public dashboard utilizes ESRI’s mapping technology, ArcGIS Dashboard, to help track the progression of the disease on district and nation levels. The data for the dashboard is provided by MoPH, accessible from the ministry’s website, and updated daily through an online portal. As the Covid-19 virus grew into a pandemic in Lebanon, the dashboard became one of the most trusted and reliable sources for tracking the disease on a national level.

MoPH Lebanon COVID-19 Portal

As shown in the above figure, the map highlights districts where cases have been reported and symbolizes the number of cases. By using a web environment, the map can be rapidly distributed to other authorities or to the local public. Users can pan and zoom around the interactive map to focus on particular areas and districts of Lebanon. Moreover, the portal has a mobile version for direct access to the updated data from any smartphone or portable device.

MoPH COVID-19 Portal Features

In addition to the public dashboard, the GIS (geographic information system) technology is further utilized to provide real-time forms for the emergency call center. The form was created using ESRI’s Survey123 application to gather information about caller records, symptoms, as well as their location. The call center aggregates, consumes, and analyzed this real-time data to produce a ministry dashboard that tracks the total calls recorded for Covid-19. Below is a snapshot of the platform used by the MoPH and volunteers within the ministry to keep the data both updated and accurate.

MoPH COVID19 Portal Call Forms MoPH COVID19 Portal Call Center

Through technology monitoring and evaluation, MoPH will continue to conduct national preparedness and response procedures, at regular intervals, to help contain the spread of Covid-19 in the country. Key performance and impact indicators can be used to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the planned activities, as well as to derive evidence and lessons learnt to win this fight together.

MoPH COVID19 Council of Ministers

Head of Disaster Risk Management Project at the Lebanese Presidency of the Council of Ministers presenting live from the National Operations Room.

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